i used to sweat you but now forget you

your royal freshness
some are born with "it." some are blessed with "it." some work day and night to earn "it." some strip their "it" down. some dress their "it" up. some wear their "it" on their sleeve. some want a ring put on it. some wonder, what's love got to do with "it"? they're enigmatic. charismatic. and, ahem, sometimes dramatic. heads tend to turn when they walk in a room. absence is felt when they are gone. how do they make "it" look so effortless? what makes them tick? insatiable drive. unparalleled work ethic. a need to ensure we know they are here. and oooh, how they are here. with soaring notes, magical turns, knowing glances and fist bumps. speeches that leave dignitaries in awe. rhymes that leave us wanting more. jokes that render us breathless. performances that leave us speechless. they will kick off their shoes. work the catwalk and sport the big rocks. but what these "it" women will not do is be ignored or ever be forgotten.
big dreams, good music, expensive taste